DTG Printing

We specialize in full color, digital garment printing.

Our Ricoh DTG printer prints beautiful, bright prints with a super soft feel.


From polo shirts, to beanies, to caps and more.

There's nothing quite like the polished finish of custom embroidery.


We love to help with your special projects, fun challenges and fundraising.

Reach out and let us know how we can help!

Hey Kat!

Start with a wink, a smile and an inclination toward shenanigans.  Add some custom printed tee shirts and you've got the beginnings of our company!  Meet Kat Carlson, the wink that launched Hey Kat, LLC. Kat's been instigating shenanigans in the Phoenix area for over 15 years now.  In 2016 our first shenanigan launched with the Kat Carlson Memorial VIP Lounge.

DTG Pricing

Base pricing for DTG Print on 100% cotton Next Level brand, short sleeve tee shirts with ready to print artwork.

Artwork fees, sales tax, and additional customization may apply.  Contact Kat today for a complete quote.

Custom Embroidery

Upgrade your look with a long lasting, professional decoration method.

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